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Re: [IP] No More Carry-On Luggage!

At 08:28 PM 9/12/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>I just heard on the world news that new guidelines have been imposed for
>airlines, one of them being that no carry-on luggage will be allowed!  I find
>that hard to believe, especially for those of us with medical necessities!

For me I am seeing that as the least of our concerns if we need to get on a 
plane.  For if they are banning plastic knifes, I think we could do more 
harm with the needles we have.  That big ol insertion needle for the Tender 
/ Sil to me could cause more damage than a plastic knife.  I also bet we 
will have a much more difficult time getting through security.

Personally I think I will get really good at riding my motorcycle for right 
now I think that's a hell of a lot safer.  <sigh>

I don't know about all of you, but I am just sick about this.  I wonder if 
I can increase my Zoloft even though I am on the maximum dose.  :-)  I am 
trying to smile and trying to laugh, but I just don't find any humor at all 
in what has happened and I think about those people that were murdered and 
their families.

I went to my GI doctor today for I am running out of propulsid.  I guess 
it's damn near impossible to even get the stuff on compassion use.  So what 
did this doctor recommend along with my endo and nephrologist?  Go to 
Mexico.  <SIGH>

I just needed to vent, sorry if I have offended anyone.  I am just not 
doing well at all.

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