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[IP] Re: blood donation

>Many years ago, before modern meds, they used to use
Insulin Shock
Therapy to treat depression which purposefully put people
hypo and
seizuring.  I've read some of the records from the '50's,
and dosages
sometimes were only 20-30U's.<

Not the same thing. I am well aware of this old practice.
I've beena nurse for some time. In mental health therapy,
these people were given insulin directly.  In blood
donation, the insulin has been processed by someone else's
body, then processed again in the blood donation site, then
given to the individual.  Blood is separated into packed
cells and plasma. most people who need blood wil receive the
packed cells without the plasma. The insulin (whatever that
amount MIGHT be) will be mainly in the plasma.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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