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[IP] Some good news-Latest A1c

I have just gotten my latest a1c
back(post-pumping),this is my 2nd since beginning the
pump in late April.The first(mid May) was a 8.1,which
was about average for me on shots.I am
exstatic,it(late August) was 7.4!My very best a1c
ever,I'd have never believed I could get it in the
7's.Now that I've got that under my belt,I'm try for
the 6's but this was a great victory for me,I've been
working 3 yrs to try to get it this good.
            Celebrating some GOOD news,(there still is

            some,believe it or not)
                   Dx'd 12/10/98
                   pumpin' 4/23/01 on "Code Blue"

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