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Re: [IP] diabetic baby not developed???

At 02:57 PM 9/12/01 -0400, you wrote:
>At my Ob/Gyn appointment last week my doctor told me something that kind 
>of startled me.  She said that babies of diabetic women do not develop as 
>fast in the womb as babies of non-diabetic women.  She said that most 
>babies at 38 weeks gestational are developed enough to be delivered but 
>those of diabetic women are probably not developed as much and should wait 
>until the full term of 40 weeks to be delivered.  Has anyone heard of 
>this?  I have done extensive research on diabetic pregnancies and I have 
>never heard this before.
>Thanks for any advice and input!
>Mel...31 weeks pregnant and counting down :)

Mel, my daughter was born 3 weeks early.  She weighed 8lbs 4oz and had no 
problems after delivery, she was more than ready to be born.  I haven't 
heard anything like this.  In the olden days (back when I had my daughter, 
she's going to be 23 now) they preferred to deliver babies of diabetic 
mothers early due to a higher risk of stillbirths, I believe.

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