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RE: [IP] Re; blood donation

Natalie A Sera [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Well, it is documented that you can cause a healthy person go hypo by
> injecting insulin -- remember Sunny von Bulow?

Sunny received a *MASSIVE* dose of insulin . . . nothing like what a
diabetic normally takes.
> I think that if the diabetic donating were in a normal range and not
> dropping, there probably wouldn't be an excess -- there is 
> SOME insulin in
> everyone's blood, so I don't see where it would be a problem, 
> but at least
> the blood banks are thinking about it!

I doubt that blood banks are thinking that at all.  I think they're assuming
re-use of needles.  They may also be thinking in terms of liability if a
diabetic has a hypo reaction following donation.  I think they're also
generally misinformed in their thinking.  There is virtually no risk to the
recipient if the donor is diabetic provided he or she is in otherwise good

FWIW, not only do I donate regularly (I gave last Friday), I am a
cytomegalovirus (CMV) free donor, which means my blood gets special handling
because it can be given to infants.  Most adults are CMV carriers.

Jim Handsfield
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email @ redacted

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