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Re: [IP] Re; blood donation

From: "Barbara Bradley" <email @ redacted>

> >So you are saying that if I gave my husband who is
> completely healthy, 20
> units of humalog, it wouldn't affect him at all??<
> I seriously doubt it.  Once the insulin is in your blood
> stream, it takes eight minutes for it to pass through your
> liver and to be split apart, dumped back into your blood
> stream and filtered out by the kidneys and excreted.

Well, it is documented that you can cause a healthy person go hypo by
injecting insulin -- remember Sunny von Bulow?

Anyone can go hypo from an excess of insulin, but I don't think that's the

The real question is whether there is an excess of insulin in the blood of
diabetics, how much, and whether it would affect the person receiving the
transfusion. There may well be an excess, but when added to the blood of the
receiver, would it be diluted enough to cause no effect? Or would that
person already be on a glucose IV so any insulin in the blood wouldn't

I think that if the diabetic donating were in a normal range and not
dropping, there probably wouldn't be an excess -- there is SOME insulin in
everyone's blood, so I don't see where it would be a problem, but at least
the blood banks are thinking about it!

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