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[IP] Yesterday

Yesterday morning when I found out about the attack I was sitting in the
Pediatric clinic of Brook Army Medical Center.  It was a little after 9 am
Central time.  Watching the TV was like seeing an action movie.  I went
there to get appointments for my kids who all have colds.  And earlier I
could not get through on their appt. line so I went in person to get one.
At home we had turned on the TV that morning but as usual it was already on
PBS and there it had stayed.  Also that morning my pump alarm for low
cartridge went off and I didn't change it.  I was given an appointment for 1
pm that afternoon and was told to stay and wait because the gates into the
hospital and the gates into Ft. Sam Houston would be closed. They weren't
sure if I would be able to get back in later.  I left and went home to my
husband so I would not be stuck there with an empty cartridge.  (Even though
I was at a hospital I did not want to go through the trouble of getting
insulin there)  On my drive home I saw the weirdest thing.  On a small
bridge between my home and the hospital there was an older man with his two
dogs who was fishing.  He was oblivious to the traffic that was going on
behind him Which was al lot for that area at that time of day.  He looked as
if he were in total peace with his dogs at his side and his line in the
water.  He had no idea that the world around him was in shock.Weird!
My husband was scheduled to go to the field last night to train solders for
medical operations during a war.  I thought for sure he would not go but he
did.  Last night he called me from a hill on Camp Bullis Military
Reservation in the hill country of Texas.  He was alone and asking questions
about what else had happed since he left.    It was all so weird and ironic.
We eventually went to our doctor's appt.  But the normal half mile drive and
thirty minute appt. took about 5 hours.  Due mainly to the lines at the
gates both ways.
I pray that we can all free safe again and that those who have family with
military connections find some peace with the uncertainty that faces them

Also for those with military connections, military blood donation centers
WILL NOT take our blood.  But we can help by volunteering to help process
paper work for those donating.

God bless us all.
Locked down at Ft. Sam Houston, TX
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