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[IP] New York

I live near Manhasset Bay in Port Washington,  Long Island New York. From
the Bay I watched the  Twin Towers burn, thick dark smoke against a
perfectly blue sky and I cried.  Part of the parking field was emptied to
allow emergency personnel to use the Bay to go to Manhattan  by boat to
bring needed supplies.

I was reminded of 1957 when I lived in Canada and my father told me that
nuclear war was imminent.  He had made arrangements with the local
pharmacist to give me two years supply of insulin if I showed up and
requested it , no questions asked.  I was told that I might be called at
school and told to go home, at any time.  I was to pick up the insulin  and
if separated from the family I was to hitchhike to the family  country house
where we might have to stay for two years.

I was seventeen at the time, diagnosed at fourteen.  The summer passed
uneventfully but I stayed in a state of shock.  I knew that I did not want
to be a survivor but felt morally obligated to keep myself alive. It was a
huge conflict and was to affect affect my whole life.  I later worked with
refugees and immigrants in many capacities  and learned from them the
horrors of war.  My personal war with diabetes
gave me the compassion necessary to help these people.

Yesterday when the towers burned, I had just had the Minimed Continuous
Sensor removed after wearing it for four days. I was grateful.  I knew I was
in better shape at age 61 than I was at 17 and my pump Mamie was at my side
making things ever so much easier.  I know it is my responsibility to stay
as healthy as I can and to help anyone that God sends my way.  There will be
many as many Port Washington residents worked at the Trade Center and when I
walk down to the Bay this morning, I can expect to meet many people who will
need my listening ear and the hugs that I can dispend freely.

To all pumpers who are frightened or sad and their families, a gentle
reminder.  You are fighting personal wars every day just to stay alive, just
to take care of your families.  You have tremendous experience in meeting
adversity.   You are precious resources in courage and strength and will
surely be called to share this  in the days ahead. Do so as you already help
one another on this list.

With all my Love

Denise Guerin
Type 1 47 years
Minimed 507 3 years
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