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Re: [IP] Children of type 1 diabetics

>From my understanding, there is still no evidence that Type 1 is
> I was diagnosed 17 years ago at age 12, and since then I have been
> researching family history to determine who actually had T1 in the family.
> I have been successful in tracing (on both sides of the family) all the
> back to the early 1800's and there is no information on anyone that had
> I know that there were probably no diangosis of Diabetes back then, but
> coming from a medical family (doctors for 5 generations) I would suspect
> that if there were any people that had Type 1, it would be documented.
> My 3 cents worth.
> Andy Johnson

I think all cases are unique. Look at the multiple DMers in some families,
then like Andy's and mine - none. I feel if there were Type-1 DMers in my
family wayyy back, they were probably children, therefore, dead and wouldn't
have produced heirs which would have stopped the line anyway. We traced 2
girls who were cousins of my grandmother and they both died as girls. (~_^)

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