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[IP] Having some trouble

Well, after class today I went home to take a cat nap, or a half hour power
nap before my next class.  Next I knew, 2 hours passed.  The only time I get
any sound steady sleep is if my blood sugars are way high, otherwise, i only
sleep 3 hours in a row with normal bg's.  I tested and I was 388- ouch.  I
felt so sick and weak and drained like my muscles were being chewed.  I
looked at the infusion site and noticed a red dot (blood) and aparently, the
set was moved wrong or something in my sleep.  I changed sites and am 126
now.  But my head hurts like a b*tch and I have so much research and essay
exams to complete.  Now I am hitting the coffee hard, because I feel groggy
and yuck from that 388.  My goal bg's are 70-130 and lately, that has been
impossible for me.  I am either 40 or 180.  I am sick of this.  I am
starting a job in a week and can't afford this BS.  There HAS to be some way
to normalize things.
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