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Re: [IP] Live from New York

I am in Wichita, KS and we have an Air Force base here that houses B1Bombers
and also Boeing has a large facility here.  It's always been thought that
because of those two things Wichita would likely be a target for terrorists.
My mom just called and said that both of our large shoppping malls had
closed.  This is unreal.  She also said that someone told her to fill up
with gasoline because tomorrow it could be up to $4.00 a gallon.  I can just
imagine the panic this is going to create.  I want to go get my boys out of
school and keep them here with me so I can just hug them and hold them.  I
just called their school to find out what if anything they have been told
and was told that some teachers elected not to say anything and some have
been having discussions about it all day.  I have a kindergartener and a 5th
grader.  Also, was told that the school is on "lock down".   Geez, this is
just too scary.

My thoughts and prayers are with anyone whose family has been directly
affected by this, and I am glad to hear that those on the list have heard
from loved ones and they are safe.

Kelley in KS
Dx'd 9/94
Pumping 8/19/01
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