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[IP] Re: Fwd: RE: SugarTrac

To the membership
An organization called Sugar Track has mined e-mail addresses and 
sent spam messages to a large number of the members. Specifically 
they extracted e-mail addresses that were each individually 
and clearly marked as NO-SPAM and sent these messages in violation of 
Insulin Pumpers stated policy (mail page) that we do not permit 
spamming. Just wanted to let you know what kind of people are sending 
you messages. Personally I wouldn't buy dog food from them.

email @ redacted

>  >> I am an administrator for a very large email listserv dedicated to people
>  >> who are interested in insulin pumping. We have recently started getting
>  >> complaints from a large number of members that they have gotten a message
>  >> similar to the one below from you. Some members have never used their 
> email
>  >> address for anything other than our list. We are wondering how you 
> obtained
>  >> the email addresses of our members. Our membership list is closed and use
>  >> of any information for commercial purposes if strictly prohibited.
>  >
>  >Sam,
>  >I'm sorry if I've broken rules. Gee..I was cruising the net looking for more
>  >diabetic folks and make them aware of SugarTrac, and came across a page ...
>  >Insulin Pumpers (Insulin Pumpers Physician Referral). I found a long list of
>  >doctors and comments made by folks who are obviously people with diabetes
>  >(judging from their comments). Also included were their email addresses.
>  >After reading what some of these people had to say, I emailed them.
>  >
>  >I thought I was doing them a good turn. I'm truly sorry to have offended
>  >them or you. I haven't kept any of the names, just a one time mailing to let
>  >them know that something good is on the horizon. I believe in this company
>  >and am donating a lot of my time to inform as many folks as possible that a
>  >pain-free monitor will soon be available.
>  >
>  >I hope that you can see from my message to your people that I only wish for
>  >them to see what SugarTrac is all about. I'm so sorry to have bothered these
>  >folks. How can I make amends to you.
>  >
>  >Larry
>  >> 
email @ redacted
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