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Re: [IP] Celiac - gluten free diets?

In a message dated 9/10/2001 9:23:59 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> By the time our 1 1/2 hour meeeting was over they feel I my be
>  celiac something or other and want me to start a gluten gree diet. 
Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks it's own 
small intestine in response to the presence of gluten (which is found in 
certain grains like wheat, barley, and oats).  Like other autoimmune 
disorders, people with type 1 diabetes are more prone to developing it than 
the general public.  

Some people with celiac have many and severe symptons,  Other have no outward 
symptoms at all.  there are blood tests for celiac, but the best ones are 
only done a a few labs in the country.  

The "gold standard" for diagnosing (or ruling out) celiac is to have an 
endoscopy where they look at your small intestine and biopsy several spots of 
tissue to be reviewed in the lab.  My ten year old had this procedure -- it 
is painless and doesn't take long at all .  

If you actually have celiac disease, it is critical that you stay on a strict 
gluten free diet -- which is very difficult to do when so many foods 
(packaged foods, restaurnat foods, etc.) can contain trace levels of gluten.  
And, even trace levels of gluten can result in serious problems for those 
with celiac (such as malnutrition and bone density loss from malabsorption of 
nutrients) and greatly increase your risk of intestinal cancers.  

If your doctor thinks you might have celiac, you need to continue gluten 
containing foods (bread, pasta, etc.) until the endoscopy is done (so that 
you can get a definite diagnosis either way)  . . . The way I look at it -- 
if you're going to really stick to this strict of a diet (and if you really 
have celiac, you're talking about a lifetime commitment), you want to be 
really sure that you do have celiac and not just some other gastrointestinal 
problem . . . 

If you do a web search, you find that there is actually lots of information 
and support out there for those with celiac . . . Good luck to you!

PumpMama to Katie
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