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[IP] Re: JFR -- My Pump died

In a message dated 9/10/01 11:15:40 PM, "J. Rollins" <email @ redacted> writes:

>I have heard of people waiting overnight for the pump the come on.  Did
>MiniMed not tell you this?  They sent me a special case with an antistatic
>to help but I decided not to use it.

Hi JR,
When the pump went blank, MM had me change the batteries and clean the 
contact points. That didn't work! While I waited for the loaner (a couple of 
days due to the weekend and holiday), I left my pump on the dresser without 
batteries for at least one full day, then I put them back in and nothing 
I don't like their dumb anti-static case either. Why do they bother making 
the pump in different colors if you have to wear it in an ugly black case? 
Besides, that case irritates my skin if it is in contact.

Perhaps it is something besides the static that is wrong with that pump. I 
will have to wait and see.
Since my pump isn't a year old yet, it will be a while before I can upgrade. 

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