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[IP] That dryer sheet for S.E.

>>> MM also told me to put a piece to one of those anti static dryer sheets
in the case with the pump.  I tried this but didn't like the residue it
left.  So I just live with it. >>>

Then they goofed by failing to tell you to use the dryer sheet ONCE in a
dryer before putting it in with your pump. This has been mentioned on this
list often and I always tell them to use a used dryer sheet. Actually, I
have them cut in 1/3's and am still using the same ones in my 50 colored
cases. No problem with Static Electricity by doing that since MM suggested
it about 6 years ago for my 506. At that time I was also told ALL techs had
to wear pumps and were taught to touch something metal before touching their
pumps during the Santa Ana winds which cause a lot of S.E. I *try* to touch
a doorknob in the winter, but often don't. (~_^)

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