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[IP] Re: JFR -- My Pump died

I cannot imagine why the pump died.


I have a MiniMed 508 too,  Mine has died at least 10 times in the 1 year and 10
months that I have had it.  There are two main reasons that this happens.  One is
the dreaded static electricity zap.  This is a fairly common problem with the
508.  Move your pump the wrong way by shifting it in a pocket, or pulling it out
of a case, or whatever and you could generate a static charge that will,
hopefully, only, temporarily, blank out your pump.  This is kind of like Shuffling
your feet across the floor and then touching your big brother.  ZAP!!  For me
simply waiting 5 minutes let the static charge bleed off and the pump came back
on.  I have heard of people waiting overnight for the pump the come on.  Did
MiniMed not tell you this?  They sent me a special case with an antistatic lining
to help but I decided not to use it.  I like the padded sport case instead.  MM
also told me to put a piece to one of those anti static dryer sheets in the case
with the pump.  I tried this but didn't like the residue it left.  So I just live
with it.  I think that the New MM Paradigm pump coming out soon is supposed to
address this problem.

MiniMed told me this other reason.  If the pump is going through a self check, not
one you initiate, just one that it does without you knowing it and you, at the
same time, try to input a keystroke, the pump will not accept it.  It will act
like it is dead.   Simply wait for the clock to click over and it will magically
be back on line.

I would call these things technical screw ups in the pump design, but nothing is
perfect.  I still like MM and their service.  In three cases I got a rebuilt pump
which I couldn't tell from a new one --  the next day.  Anyway I  hope that this

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