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[IP] Re: JFR -- Al Venting

Heck, I check 6 times a day mainly out of paranoia.
I do act like a real fool when it does happen and I'm glad it's usually with


I know a lot of people who check theirselves 10 times per day.  I do.  If you can afford it do it.  You make it sound like 6 times per day is a lot.   It is not for really good control.  This may solve your problem.  Also, do you graph you blood sugars during each day?  I do and I pick up a lot of odd things that I head off by looking and thinking about the graph.  Lets face it there are things that we can do if we are
willing to expend the time and effort.  Get a copy of "Pumping Insulin" it is the best book ever written about pumps and their use.  Read the chapter on records.

Good Luck

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