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[IP] george's hamster

Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 10:28:59 +0200
From: "The Kaddens" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] george's hamster

 >Any animal is probably capable of developing diabetes

I know this is a pretty trivial question, but since my 3 1/2 year old 
has been asking....anyone know of any animals besides pets developing 

What a great question!  I'm a biologist by profession, so I looked up some 
examples of animals with diabietes that have been reported in the scientific 
literature.  And here they are....

musk shrews, pond turtles, koalas, chinchillas, ring-tailed lemurs, sulfur 
breasted toucans, spiny mice (type II model), red-tailed hawks, African grey 
parrots, sand rates, voles, garden lizrds, baboons, budgeriagar (bird), 
golden-mantiled ground squirrel, Mhorr gazelle, bongo (related to cows), 
zebras, chimpanzees, pig-tailed macaque, toco toucan, Cleebes apes (type 
II), and Octogon degus (a rodent).

I'm sure there are many other examples, but as a general rule all 
vertebrates (those animals that have a spine) also have a pancreas and could 
get diabetes.  And to stick up for those snakes (which I did my dissertation 
on) ... they have spines too.

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