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[IP] Children of type 1 diabetics

In a message dated 9/9/01 10:42:48 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>Type 1 (or Juvenile - however you want to call it) is NOT hereditary!
>Has anyone else been told this?

I think this may be incorrect. My 2 brothers and I are T1 as was my first
cousin. That is 4 out of 13 in a generation. While doing family research, I
came across a branch that has a woman (distant cousin) with 2 T1 children and
a T1 sister. There is definitely a genetic factor in our family.


That's what I thought!!  That's why I couldn't believe it when the doctor tole
me it wasn't hereditary!!  I had always been told it was - and everyone was
completely confused as to why I have it - cause I only have 1 3rd cousin who
is a diabetic - and his grandma on the other side of hte family is diabetic!!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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