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Re: [IP] insulin drip, drop, drip.

I think I don't I understand what is left in with the old site. If the old
site has the needle and some tubing the insulin contained within that system
is rather large. It seems there is a trade off between the amount put into the
body just before the determination of the old site which has not been and
would be adsorbed if not allowed to leaks out. It seems easier to inject from
the new site an amount you seems oozing out of the old site. I see  about one
drop in the old site. As I remember 1 drop is 1/15 ML. If anybody is
we will convert to you condition.
Take Care.
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>Anyway, I changed sites today and left my old site in as usual for a
>couple hours and when I took it out, it seems like insulin was just
>dripping out in big drops.

How do you tell the difference between insulin and other clear body fluids?
you don't! how do you know its not lymph fluid or tissue fliuid? Doubt if it
is insulin unless you have a big subcutaneous reservoir that you tapped.
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