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Re: [IP] mom's anguish-vent


Sitting here attempting to pull a "theoretical" rabbit out of the hat....  ;-)

Over time I have heard of several people having used MM's CBG monitor and 
finding unexpected (unknown?) lows while they were sleeping.  I too have 
had "wacky" morning BGs over the years (15+ - both pump and MDI) and could 
never be sure whether it was too much insulin or not enough.

The very act of checking (at least self-testing) adds a change to the BG 
action.  Might having a morning low be consistent with a high in response 
to a low while still sleeping????????  The only differences being timing 
and "treating verses not treating"????

I seem to occasionally have too types of highs in the morning - those that 
come down predictably and those that don't.......  Might "stubborn" highs 
in the morning be the result of rebounds?............

Going back to sleep,

Jim S.
email @ redacted

At 03:54 PM 9/10/01 +0000, you wrote:
>We are also experiencing wacky numbers for the last week. No honeymooning 
>here, maybe hormones kicking in. We had pre-breakfast lows for a while and 
>then suddenly pre-breakfast high's and during the night. I will basal test 
>her at night to see what's happening.


>Eileen's mom, 13, pumping since 98/00!
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