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email @ redacted writes:

<<  Hey all you pumpers or soon to be pumpers I suggest a book for you to 
read and
 review. If you can't afford it, get your library to get it "Insulin dependent
 diabetes in children aldolescents and adults" By Ragner Hannus, He is a
 pediatric diabetologist and this book is a complete compendium of the disease
 and treatment. the pump is covered quickly, it is not a pumping insulin type
 of book but you know he is knowledgable when he states you need to know more
 about your diabetes than your doctors. You can get a good grounding in the
 treatment and the pathology of diabetes. I can be understood by most people
 who can think and read at the 9th grade level. difficult concepts are
 illustrated with cartoons. It is available from Amazon.com
 I call it the "Mouse book" Hannus's kid is diabetic so he knows what he is
 talking about. >>

Thanks Spot for mentioning this book.
Two chapters of this book were available free online.  Go to:
I downloaded it a year ago, so don't know if the pages are still there or not.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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