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[IP] Diabetes Trust Fund, Animas Corporation To Provide Insulin Pumps To Children

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Diabetes Trust Fund, Animas Corporation
To Provide Insulin Pumps To Children

New Partnership Offers $200,000
Towards Pumps and Supplies to Families in Need

    In an effort to allow more young people with diabetes to enjoy the 
benefits of pump therapy, the Diabetes Trust Fund and Animas Corporation, 
manufacturer of the R1000 insulin pump, have partnered to create The 
Diabetes Trust Fund Insulin Pump Plan.

    The program will make need-based financial assistance available for 
children and teens with type 1 diabetes whose physician prescribes an 
insulin pump.

    The Diabetes Trust Fund will provide $100,000 for the first year of the 
plan to cover the insurance co-pays and deductibles associated with 
obtaining an insulin pump.  The plan is designed to provide children under 
18 years of age (or students under age 23) the means to benefit from the 
most advanced diabetes management technology.

This is a major step for the Diabetes Trust Fund, said Ron Creel, 
president of the Birmingham-based non-profit organization.  Our emphasis 
and motivation in developing this program is the chance to help kids who 
have some form of insurance coverage but whose families cant afford the 
co-pay and deductible portion of the insulin pump.

    With its $100,000 pledge, Animas Corporation will pay for the insurance 
co-pay of the disposable items necessary to maintain pump therapy  such as 
cartridges and infusion sets  for the life of the Animas pump.   Animas 
Corporation will also provide their patients with patient education and 
round-the-clock customer service.

While most medical insurance plans cover insulin pumps, the co-pay and cost 
of supplies can put pump therapy out of reach for many families, said 
Katherine Crothall, PhD, CEO and founder of Animas Corporation.  Our goal 
is to provide financial assistance to families who otherwise might not be 
able to afford pump therapy.

The plan is open to any insulin pump manufacturer willing to participate.

We are grateful that Animas Corporation has helped us design and fund this 
program, and we look forward to having other pump manufacturers 
participate, said Creel.  We are interested in giving children with 
diabetes an opportunity to maintain tight glucose control while maintaining 
a flexible lifestyle, said Creel.

Eligible patients must have some form of health insurance that covers a 
portion of the insulin pump and be considered a dependent child, based on 
the definition of the candidates health insurance plan.

Established in 1964, The Diabetes Trust Fund provides funding for diabetes 
research, education and treatment programs.  The Diabetes Trust Fund is 
dedicated to finding a cure for diabetes and to making life better for 
diabetics until a cure is found.

            Founded in 1996, Animas Corporations mission is to provide 
products and services to enable patients with insulin-requiring diabetes to 
better manage their diabetes, with the goal of improving the lifestyle of 
the patient, reducing long-term morbidity, and decreasing the cost to the 
patient and health care system.

            For more information on The Diabetes Trust Fund Insulin Pump 
Plan, visit www.diabetestrustfund.org or www.animascorp.com, or call the 
Diabetes Trust Fund toll free, (800) 577-1383.

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