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Re: [IP] I'm Oozing :O(

>Yikes, that sounded icky, huh?  Anyway, I changed sites today and left my
>old site in as usual for a couple hours and when I took it out, it seems
> like insulin was just dripping out in big drops.  I'm not talking a 
>little bit either!  It looks like I lost at least a few units.... but 
>have no idea how much!
>I gave 0.5 to make up for some, but I know that's not all of it.  I'm not
>taking any chances.... maybe it wasn't insulin; but if it wasn't, I sure 
>don't know what it was :O/
>Has this happened to many of you before?  What did you do?
>Oozin' Gina :O)

>How do you tell the difference between insulin and other clear body 

This has happened to me once or twice.  I was really surprised since I
had left the old site in for several hours.  BUT, I noticed that the
clear fluid did not have the characteristic Band-Aid smell that insulin
has.  Therefore, it must have been body fluid due to some irritation at
the site.  This makes sense as insulin should not hang out at an old
site for hours.

I use this "smell test" to see if there is tunneling at the site too. 
It's a pretty powerful Band-Aid smell that is a sure giveaway that
insulin is seeping out.

Stephanie Johnson
email @ redacted
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