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Re: [IP] The teacher learns a lesson

> Mostly, because they are overweight, have a poor diet of fats and fast
> and don't get enough exercise and sit in front of the tv or video games
> day.
> I shudder to think that so many young ones can prevent being diabetic but
> don't even know...

Just please remember that not all young T2's are the products of poor
dietary and lifestyle choices (parents faults, usually!) and are overweight.
There are also genetic forms of MODY (Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young).
I was a thin, active, athletic pre-teen when I developed DM. Becuase it was
assumed I was a T1 at first, I spent 2 year on insulin, but eventually, I
was put on Micronase instead and no insulin. That worked for 14 years until
I became IDDM from insulin resistance and lower insulin production. Not all
T2 diabetic children are the same and they certainly could not have
prevented it if genetically meant to have it reardless of conditions and
factors. Don't put down these Type 2 children.

I always had a bathroom pass and I and my mother always warned all my
teachers I was diabetic. I never had to explain what type.

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