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Re: [IP] I did a "bad" thing


  Let me tell you about GUILT!!!!  After about 8 months into pumping with my 
then 8 year old son, we had to quit for about three months.  Nothing would 
get his sites to stay stuck.  We were averaging 5-6 sites in  7 
days....OUCH!!!!!  When Josh finally asked to quit for awhile to allow his 
tummy time to heal (this was the only place he would let me use at this time) 
I cried for a week.  I knew I had failed, really knew it!  Well, we went back 
on in October last year, using different sets, and using Mastisol Liquid 
adhesive and now Josh lets me alternate between tummy and hiney.  In the 
first three months back on the pump Josh's A1C dropped a whole point and now 
I know it will be even lower next month.  His BG averages have dropped an 
incredible amount now and he feels really good!  This is what p umping is all 
about, feeling good.  It took us the better part of a year before we found 
the right combination of things that fit Josh.  Once we did that it has been 
FANTASTIC!!  I always thought that the pump would be an instant cure for 
everything.  BOY was I WRONG!!!!  Three weeks is nothing.  You really need to 
find what is going to work best for you.  Maybe you need to explore different 
sets like we did.  By the way, Josh is on A Disetronic H-Tron by we are using 
MM sets.  So explore EVERYTHING that is out there, with the other companies.  
Something else mught work a lot better and lessen  your aggravation.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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