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[IP] more mom's anguish

Jenny is 12 and has had a very strange weekend. I'm almost wondering if she is
honeymooning again. It's been 2 1/2 years since dx and she's been on the Animas
pump since December. Everything has gone very well until the last two weeks. She
has had several lows (45 or so) which I attributed to her overbolusing snacks.

Then, on Friday, I arrived at the dance at 3:15 to sell refreshments to be told
that Jenny was in the nurse's office. She had been 220 at lunch, bolused 3 to
correct, plus 6 for lunch. Then her class walked 3 blocks to a park and back by
the end of the day. She went to her locker,  made a bathroom stop and went to
the dance when she told a friend she felt low. She went to the nurse's office,
of course the health tech was gone, and the attendance clerk was there. The
attendance clerk didn't have a clue what to do, but Jenny did. She checked (49)
had a snack and was already 120 when I got there. She went to the dance and had
a great time. I don't get it because walking a few blocks should not have made
her low.

The next day she had a soccer game. She went into the game at 187 and
disconnected for about 2 hours. She plays hard, but also goes up so I wasn't
surprised when she was 240 after the game. She reconnected and only bolused for
lunch, not the missed insulin. By dinner she was 180 and I thought she was doing
well. Then she went to a church dance. When she went to bed she was 227 and we
gave her one unit to correct (usually it's 1 unit to drop 30, but the low on
Friday scared me) and I thought she would spend the night at 170 or 180 and we
could live with that. Because she would be high, I didn't set the alarm for the
2:30 check. Then, surprise, at 6:30 this morning she was 54 and had a headache.
She drank a Capri Sun, was 130 and got ready for church. By noon,  she was back
down to 47.  Granted, she is a very active, vibrant young lady  but...

I don't get it. I guess her basals are too high, but they have been fine for the
last four months when I raised them slightly. It's so hard to get an almost 13
year old to fast for several hours so we can test basals.

This is so frustrating. Could she be honeymooning? What could be causing her
insulin needs to drop? Could the exercise from the soccer game still effect her
12 hours later? How in the world are we supposed to make somewhat accurate
predictions with all these variables.

Thanks for your feedback,  Kay
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