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[IP] Sore Sites

    For those who have a hard time putting their sets on certain areas of the
body, have you tried to use one kind for that side and the one you are using
currently for another? (am I making sense here?)
    Here is a kind of example. Do you know how when you have been using a
certain brand of shampoo, your hair starts to get a build up? So you
temporarily switch to another brand and your hair is really really clean and
clear of buildup for a while? Have you tried to do this with your sites? Here
is another example. If you take certain medications for a while, they start to
lose their potency because your body starts to fight them. (At least in my
    I have both Sof-Sets and Comforts. I have noticed that the Sof-Sets have
started to hurt when I insert them and they get really sore after just a while
of having them in. So I temporarily switched to Comforts. It has not hurt for
a while.
    I think the body needs a change once in a while just like the hair. As
long as you are getting good absorbency, why not?
    Anyway, just something to think about!
    As always...YMMV


P.S. I found a quote a while back that has helped me tremendously with my
diab. (I have no idea where it came from though! :O] )

Yesterday is the past...
Tomorrow has yet to come...
Today is a gift...
That is why we call it THE PRESENT
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