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[IP] Kindergarten teacher & sites sticking

Hi everyone, great news! Adam, who is 5 1/2, started Senior kindergarten
this week. Last year his Jr. kindergarten teacher agreed to do his bolus for
 snack, and we had two other people trained as backups. This year I spoke to
the teacher on the phone, and she did not want to touch his pump. The school
called back two hours later, and said they were switching him to the new
teacher, who has diabetes and wears a pump! I could not believe it!! What
luck!! She has had diabetes for 30 years, since she was 10, and has worn the
Minimed 507 pump for a few years. So I met with her, and it was so nice not
to have to explain everything, just his symptoms for lows, as he does not
know when he is low.

I think she was going to talk to the class today about diabetes and pumps.
said the kids in her last 2 classes never noticed her pump, but with Adam,
 will mention it.

 Also, we have been using Tincture of Benzoin (sp?) the last two months -
what a difference in his sites! We use Sils, and before only used IV Prep
and a Safety Loop. He has been swimming all summer, and the tape has not
come loose around the edges, nor have we had a bent canula. We also seem to
regularly be getting 4 days out of a site, sometimes 5. They are not getting
red after 3 days like before! It has really made a difference.

 My husband also discovered something with the adhesive remover. He rubs it
over  the old site, leaves it about an hour, and then pulls it off - it
 falls off!

Linda, mom to Adam, 5 1/2, pumping with "Beep Beep" MM 508 for 1.5
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