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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #429

Barb wrote:

Do any of you frequently experience tingling in the soles of your feet?  My
daughter is complaining about her feet tingling and slaps at them to stop.
As a  result, she thinks she is low when she is target range.  I have been
told she is too young to have neuropathy complications (she is six, dx'd at
four and in good control).    ...

Barb, I don't know if it's relevant, but I had what I was sure was
neuropathy (tingling in my feet, and after a lot of years of non-pump
attempts to control 'brittle' diabetes), and it turned out to be problems
with the shoes I was wearing.  A strap on my sandals was pressing against a
particular nerve in each of my feet, giving me what my doctor called
'ski-boot neuropathy'.  Since I was wearing the sandals every day (it was
summer), the poor nerves never got to really recover.  When I switched to
another style of shoe (tennis shoes worked for me) the tingling gradually
went away, but it took a while because the nerve or nerves had been getting
traumatized for quite a while.

If you haven't tried getting her into a different pair of everyday shoes, it
might be worth a try.  Sometimes diabetics get non-diabetes-related
ailments, and it sounds like you've had the tests to rule out more long-term

In 35 years of diabetes I've never had tingling feet as a symptom of lows,
but your daughter's mileage may vary.  I also am very prone to limbs falling
'asleep' if I sleep or sit in weird positions, so I think part of it depends
on the particular nervous system of the individual.

Just my 2 cents,

Kathy Trondsen
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