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[IP] The teacher learns a lesson

I have been active and lurking on an off.  I wanted to share this 
experience with everyone.

I have been a type II diabetic for 30 years now.  I have just begun to 
teach at a middle school (grades 6, 7, and 8)  One student in my class 
needed a restroom pass at the begining of the class.  About four minutes 
before class was to let out he tells me that he needs to go to the 
restroom again.  I tell, "Hold it, it's only about four more minutes."

He  then tells me "I've got to go really bad!  I'm a type II diabetic. 
 I take Avandia, 8 MG every day."  I'm still suspecting a scam (That's 
what middle school kids do best.) But, Avandaia caught my attention and 
I let him go.  Whe he got back I said that I needed a note from his 
mother or I would write him up.

The next day, he comes in with a note from Mom, stating that his is a 
Type II Diabetic, on Avandia and that he may need to frequently go to 
the bathroom.  

A couple of things:

I'm glad that even though I was suspicious, I let him go.

I was amazed to see a juvenile Type II Diabetic.

I sure wish I had known about this kid's condition from the start.

I have let the school nurse know about thisl  I am hoping that I didn't 
know, because she didin't know.  

I have noticed a lot of parents of diabetics on this list.  I really do 
hope that you let your children's school know about your child.  It 
might not be a bad idea to talk to the teachers individually.


Diabetic since 1973

Middle School Teacher since 9/4/01
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