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[IP] square wave bolus

From: Linda Kelly <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] what is sqaure bolus???

If I had a square wave bolus, (no pump :),  I would have set it 10 min ago
H instead) as I made homemade wheat crust pizza, 1/2 lo-fat, 1/2 whole milk
mozarella cheese ,  peppers, onions, 2 meats, kitchen sink.  The slower
digesting wheat flour & cheese  will have me shooting more H, if needed,
instead of having it automatically done by square wave after testing in 2
IMO,  I think it takes time in knowing how the square wave would work for
needs, different foods, experimentation too.   I presume you can cancel
wave if   not needed as you expected.
My case?  I cooked, I have to warm mine up so am eating less than expected!
not need another shot,  have to eat to cover the 4 H I took tho!  Linda
- ----------------------------------------------------------
A square wave bolus is a transient increase in the baseal rate to compensate
for slow digesting foods or grazing at a buffet or similar kind of meal.
Minimed has a square wave bolus which you se for a time interval and insulin
increment. after the time elapses it returns to its previous basal rate.
spot.( If you have othe pumps you can just program a temporary basal
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