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[IP] dressing rooms and the pump

From: catherine popper <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] dressing rooms and the pump

Just wondering if those who try on clothes in those
big barn style dressing rooms (with no stalls or
curtains) ever feel uncomfortable with people staring
at/noticing the pump. In NY at the designer discount
stores there are a lot of dressing rooms like this,
and although I'm generally not shy about changing
clothes in these situations I find myself embarrassed
at the pump, tubing and infusion site. I wonder what
the people around me are thinking, and if they think
I'm "sick" or something. It's no big deal and I'll
continue my search for the perfect black trousers. I'm
not asking for a lecture on pump pride, but I am
wondering what people's personal experiences are with
Just a musing,
In Syms in NJ the Paramus store has a huge room for men to try on stuff. A Kid
in there with me told me that they have much smaller pagers and I should get
one. He missed the site on my thigh but saw the tubing coming out of my
underwear. I wonder if he thought that was for paging by tugging on it. spot
who no longer gives a damn
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