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Re: [IP] Re: non carb counting pumpers

> Our endo did have one pumping family that was sticking to a
> very
> strict eating schedule and eating a fixed amount of carbs
> at each
> meal and snack every day, just like when they were on MDI.
> I had met
> them at a support group meeting once and talked to them
> about the
> stuff we learned here, but they weren't interested (old
> habits are
> hard to shake, they said.) Endo later encouraged them to
> try carb
> counting, etc, and I heard a few months ago that they had
> started
> doing it and were enjoying the flexibility.

I was on Humalog and Ultralente injections six years prior to going on the
pump and, frankly, had close to the same flexibility the pump has given me.
I was able to use carb counting and eat what I wanted, when I wanted by
taking an injection of humalog whenever I ate.  (This is probably how I
managed to not get very interested in the pump for so long).  The way the
pump has really been great for me is the way I've been able to really fine
tune my care and get my sugars usually between 80 and 120 instead of aiming
for 80 to 160.  Being able to set a basal rate .1 of a unit different for
just an hour or two really *does* make a difference in my blood sugar
levels.  With Ultralente, there was no great way to cover the Dawn
Phenomenon other than taking a little extra Ultralente and hoping it kicked
in during the right hours.  With the pump, I know exactly how much insulin
I'm getting when.  I can also bolus, say, 1.3 units if I'm going to eat 20
grams of carbs (in my 1:15 ratio) instead of wondering whether to take a
unit or a unit and a half.
On top of all of that, I'm no longer a slave to the needle!  It's a little
easier to push a couple of buttons on my "pager" or keychain remote in a
crowded restaurant instead of having people gawk at me as I measure my
insulin into a syringe or having to excuse myself to the restroom.
diagnosed 5/87, pumpin' 8/01
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