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[IP] Re: leaving in old sites when changing sites

Leaving in the old site isn't something you *have* to do, 
but many 
people find it helpful. If you tend to run high after site 
then you might want to give it a try (OR, you could try 
using more 
insulin to fill the cannula). Otherwise, it isn't 
necessary. Not 
everyone does it. My daughter has been pumping almost 2yrs 
(Nov 30) 
and we've never done this. Her bgs don't usually go high 
after site 
changes (in fact, she usually has a normal bg or is 
sometimes on the 
lower side.) The one time she was ever high after a site 
change was 
when we first began pumping and forgot to bolus to fill the 
(however, this isn't necessarily the cause for everyone's 
afterwards. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be a reason.) 

This is one of those things that falls under the category 
of YMMV 
(your mileage may vary). 

Take care, Kerri
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