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[IP] Number of kids in school with D

Hello all

Summer keeps us so busy, I've been reading posts but not keeping up. Now we
are back in school and I have time again! Lauren is doing quite well now
that we are almost a year into pumping! Her 30 day average right now is 104
with almost NO LOWS. Can you even imagine? (Not that I expect that kind of
control to last forever!! Don't want to tempt the D gods).

In any case, Lauren is the only student of 700 in her school with diabetes.
She is also the only student of 8,000 in the town system on the pump! I
expect that will change soon. Since she is now in fourth grade, it is
getting easier. But I have some advice for parents of small school children
on the pump: We were able to get a full time aid trained in the pump to be
with Lauren at all times. The school is thrilled -- the aid serves as a
teachers helper who just happens to be right there and ready to help Lauren.
Now she does not have to go the nurse a lot, can eat and correctly bolus
(with correction and carb count) any time she wants, can correct a low
without having to go to nurse . . .etc. She COULD do this all alone, but
she's just a kid and I want her learning and playing just like all the other

You might want to ask your principals. I was surprised at how simple this


Mom of
Lauren, Pump Princess of Plymouth
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