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[IP] cant get job because I'm a pumper another gvt mess up

> I was just notified that I was rejected due to
> medical standards for a
> police officer job.  The reason for rejection was
> because I used an insulin
> pump which according to the Civil Service standard
> is an automatic
> disqualifier.  If I used syringe injections then my
> diabetes would have been
> determined on a control factor.
> I am shocked.  Not sure what to do next.  It does
> not make sense...
> Brian--pumper in Massachusetts since Jan. 2000.
- ----------------------------------------------------------
We all know that the laws, rules and regulations are promulgated by people who
know nothing about the subject they are ruling on so what can you expect. As
the saying goes: "Dont confuse me with the facts, My mind is made up." Never
more true than with government.  spot
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