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[IP] feet tingling in a 6 year old

From: "BETASP" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Tingling in feet

Do any of you frequently experience tingling in the soles of your feet?  My
daughter is complaining about her feet tingling and slaps at them to stop.
As a  result, she thinks she is low when she is target range.  I have been
told she is too young to have neuropathy complications (she is six, dx'd at
four and in good control).  It is very frustratring because she is
constantly testing herself thinking it is a hypoglycemic symptom.  This
happened last year and lasted about two months and after visiting with a
neurologist and going through tons of tests the tingling went away.  Now it
is back and driving her crazy again.
Barb Dame
email @ redacted
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Well, what did the neurologist say it was from? Is her thyroid function ok?,
This is a most unusual symptom for a kid of six to fabricate and with a basis
for it to be secondary to diabetes I would not be quick to say it was a
fbrication, kids don't usually do this. I would call the neurologist and ask
what he thinks it is. Get all your records togetherand obtain a second opinion
if he says he doesn't know or does not appear to know,  I would ask him flat
out, Do you know what these symptoms asre from  If not, get a recommendation
of who to see who is a specialist in pediatric neuropathy. Even a nerve
conduction test can be normal in speed but there can be other things wrong
with it.
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