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[IP] healing old sites

From: "Kristin Miller" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] healing old sites

Julie Wrote:
>Does anyone have any "tricks" for healing old sites?

I'm not sure about healing old sites but to prevent scars I have found that
if you put Vitamin E oil (actually I buy the liquid gel cap vitamins and
just pierce a hole in them) on the sites as soon as you remove them they
will not scar and the mark will go away in a couple days. Just be careful to
rub it in as best you can because it will leave a grease spot on your
clothes. Good luck!

spot says try Bacitracin ointment. It protects against infection from most
garden variety home bacteria.
If you never het site infections, Vitamin A and D ointment. the stuff you wipe
babies bottoms with works well too.
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