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[IP] slapping your feet neuropathy

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: Tingling in Feet

In a message dated 9/3/01 1:04:07 AM,email @ redacted writes:

<< complaining about her feet tingling and slaps at them to stop.  As a
result, she thinks she is low when she is target range.  I have been told she
is too young to have neuropathy complications (she is six, dx'd at four and
in good control). >>

Barb, it's so neat that at 6 she reacts so logically by testing!  But it must
get awfully frustrating to not get the logical thought confirmed.  Anybody
else notice a tendency toward skepticism about "truths" among people who grow
up diabetic?  We come by it honestly <gr.>.  I hope you either soon find an
answer or else that it goes away again, this time permanently.

Linda Z

---------------------So true----------------------------------------
neuropathy can begin shortly after the blood sugars are elevated. there is no
lower limit on the onset of complications as all of us can attest. well, I
cant because my diabetes started in my 20's. slapping ones feet is just like
slapping them after a circulatory problem. Its something we do and I d onot
think it is learned although I invite comments. If theere are enough quality
opinions on it, I might write a Journal artical about it. but please write
privately. I use alpha Lipoic Acid for my feet and c-peptide is alsio good if
you can get it. spot
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