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RE: [IP] I did a "bad" thing

You took the pump off?  And no insulin going through you all night?  How
were your bg in the morning?

My left side of abs doesn't work well either...guess I was using it too much
when I was injecting and it has too much atrophy there or whatever.

I recently started injecting into my thighs, upper mid front and it doesn't
hurt, isn't sore or uncomfortable.  Try it!

We are here for you so don't give up!  In the beginning it's hard to adjust
to being attached to something 24/7 but after a while, it's just part of

wish my hubby would understand that..he thinks I should go back on
injections and asks me if I get tired wearing the pump.  I told him it's
here to stay unless they find a cure or I die!  Really don't want to go back
to so many injections a day and starting taking NPH again!
Huge hugs
Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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