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RE: [IP] Getting discouraged any ideas

Hi Alexandra.
Ahhh, a fellow New Yorker!!!  Well, I'm a displaced NY-er from
Brooklyn/Staten Island.

Listen, I've been pumping almost a year now and mine are still all over the
place (bg) and I'm learning more and more from reading Pumping Insulin and
this group.

I now know that I can have as many basal rates as I need to keep me flowing
smoothly w/o eating.

And I know that I have to change my basal rates according to my dumb
hormones and monthly stuff whenever it decides to come.

As far as bolus-ing, I am also learning that my breakfast bolus needs more
than my other ones and they also change according to hormone problems.

I also eat s.f. candy and gum...and I find that the Extra Ice (new one) gum
flavor lasts a long, long time so you only need one stick per hour or
two...you don't have to keep on chewing it, just having it there in your
mouth is good enough and that's only 2 gr. carbs....

Have you tried drinking more water or crystal light or decaf coffee instead
of the candies?  I find that that helps as well.

I'm not near to where I want to be and I want to desperately stop the lows
and the rebounds and am working vigilently on it.  I want to be able to go
back to my dr. and say "see, I did it!" and to please myself as well.

Stay here w/us...we'll help you and don't get frustrated..it's frustrating
enough being diab in itself!
Smile!  :) :) :)
(this comes from one who was just venting a few days ago..right people?) :)
Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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