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Re: [IP] umm can i go swimming?

> me and my husband are planning a trip for tomorrow night  and i was
> wondering if i can go swimming in the pool ( indoor) can i go in 
> the jacuzzi as well?? just curious! dont wanna see myself fall
> apart.

Some people experience difficulty keeping tape and sets stuck on when 
swimming (not all). If you use a skin prep you're probably in good 
shape. If not, be prepared to change a set if necessary. You might 
see if you can pick up some mastison or one of the other "sticky" 
preps at the drug store if you're worried about it.

Re: hot tubs.   If you eat and have a large bolus before going in the 
hot tub, be aware that the hot water will greatly increase the 
circulation in your skin and as a result, the absorbtion of insulin. 
Don't inadvertently make yourself low using this unintended 
absorption acceleration technique :-)    You might want to eat later 
or bolus less and the complete the bolus after the hot tub. Don't 
have any hard data for you, just passing along what's happened to 
Lily and what I've read from others on the list.
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