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[IP] Kidney Pain

> I know they found 18+ RBCs in my urine which definitely signifies 
>  but I'm wondering if any of you ever have  pain in your kidneys.  It's a 
> pain 
>  I've never felt.... it's not cramps or fibro pain.

Did they check you for kidney infection?
I had one several months ago, although I was barely symptomatic. I had been 
running a fever and feeling like SH(*&% for a couple of days and finally gave 
in and went to the doc. They listed off a whole pile of sympotms, wondering 
if I had any. One was lower back (kidney) pain. The only thing I had 
experienced was tiredness and a fever. I was treated 3 days outpatient with 
IV antibiotics and then some oral ones. I guess they used to hospitalize 
people for like a week, but thank god things have changed. My experience, and 
insane frustration with the medical professionals who treated me is a matter 
for another day. Maybe something to consider? Good luck and I hope you get to 
feeling better.

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