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[IP] Leaving in the old site when changing sites

> I have been pumping for 1 month now...so far so good. I've read in
> the last few posting about leaving the old site in for a short time
> with the new site in order to not loose any insulin. I was not told
> this at my minimed training last month. this is the first I have
> heard of this. Could someone email me or send to this posting why or
> how to do this and if it is needed? I'd appreciate any input!! This
> site has been soooo great while I am so new to pumping!!! 

Insulin that is injected or infused take time to be absorbed. Regular 
peaks in  2-3 hours and is fully absorbed in about 5-7 hours. Humalog 
and Novolog/NovoRapid peak in 1-1 1/2 hours and take 3-5 hours to be 
completely absorbed. Two things happen when you remove an infusion 

First, you break the seal between the outside world and the 
insulin waiting to be absorbed. When the set is removed, 
as with any wound, it bleeds (not blood, usually) body fluid until 
the wound closes. During this time insulin may leak out. I've 
actually seen a bead of fluid develop at my daughter's infusion sites 
when the sets are removed. She suffered from mysterious highs on set 
change days until she started leaving the old sets in for a few 

Second, you may irritate or damage the tissue by withdrawing the 
infusion set. While this doesn't always happen and won't necessarily 
compromise absorbtion, dead or damaged tissue does not absorb insulin 

We have found that leaving the old site in place for

2 hours -- Humalog, Novolog/NovoRapid
4 hours -- Regular insulins

seems to eliminate bg spikes after site changes.
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