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Re: [IP] what is sqaure bolus???

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> i always turn the square bolus on but i dont know
> why! 
> anyone care to tell me?
> i use the mm 507 
> jennifer 

I use the 508, but I'll tell you how I sometimes turn
it on too and you can see if it's the same.  On the
508, the I hit select to get to the last bolus screen.
When I hit act normal is flashing.  If I hit act
again, then I can set the bolus using the arrows.  If
I get anxious and use the arrows instead of act I get
square, then dual.  I just use the arrows to get back
to normal, then hit act again.  Took me a little while
to figure it out too, but I do it a lot, so I've got
it down now.
Hope this helps...

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