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Re: [IP] Kidney Pain... and a little out of it

At 04:17 AM 9/8/01 -0400, you wrote:
 >Don't mind my grammar here or spelling, but doc told me to take a Valium to
 >calm me down and it sure is working.
 >Anwya, I have been having severe pain in my lower left side of my back right
 >where my kidneys are.  I had this before but ended up being fibromyalgia.
 >But this is a different pain.
 >I know they found 18+ RBCs in my urine which definitely signifies something,
 >but I'm wondering if any of you ever have  pain in your kidneys.  It's a 
 >I've never felt.... it's not cramps or fibro pain.
 >Anyone know what this could be?  Maybe it's stones?  Gee, I have lumps and
 >stones all over me..... mastitis, sialolithiasis,  polycystic breasts......
 >Can;'t see straight now..... hope soeone answers me :LO)

I don't know about the RBCs, but pain like that could very well be from a 
urinary tract infection.  If the infection gets into the kidney it's 
extremely painful.

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