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Re: [IP] Disetronic Infusion Sets

Chris Parsons wrote:

>those of us on medicare who use the tenders like myself receive tender
>1s, no extra infusion set. this means either 1) wear set until cylinder
>runs out (5-6 days) or 2) change set and tubing after 2-3 days, prime
>both tube and set, 20 plus units unecessarily wasted.

Chris, you can leave the old tubing on your cartridge/reservoir and just 
change the set with the Tenders.  Either leave the tubing on the set when 
you insert it, then disconnect it and attach to the tubing on your pump and 
prime just the set, or remove the set from the tubing, insert it, attach to 
the tubing on the pump and prime just the set.  I do this with the 
UltraFlex, I only change the tubing when I change out the cartridge/reservoir.

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