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[IP] Questions about insurance coverage

Another vote here for not asking questions about the specifics of insurance
coverage until after the prospective employer has offered you the position.
The reason not to ask is that the employer must believe that you are
interested in the position.  Just recently, interviewed about twenty
applicants for a position that was available, and was astounded at how many
individuals asked about insurance, vacations, pay raises, etc as part of the
job interview.  At this point in the selection, I'm more interested in
determining the person to whom the position will be offered.  Asking
detailed questions about specific benefit policies can backfire in two ways:
you might seem as though you assume you will be offered the position
(perhaps unjustified overconfidence) and you might embarrass the interviewer
(as a Type I, I'm pretty conversant with the details of my employer's
medical insurance, but not all interviewers may be).  The right time for
those questions is the first day of the job, when benefits are covered.

Of course, there's always the possibility that you get offered two great
jobs, both of which are attractive with respect to the work, and the
benefits may be a deciding factor.  Asking at that point is find, too.  But
wait until the position has been offered to you, IMO.
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