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[IP] I did a "bad" thing

Hi. Ya know I told you all about the soreness when using the left side of my
stomach?  Like I said I ALWAYS have good luck with the right side.  I have
been favoring the right even though I know I need to alternate sites.  So last
night when I changed sites, I used the left side again.   Tried to find a spot
that I hadn't "hit" before and make the best of it.  Again, it was
uncomfortable from the get go and less than 24 hours later, quite sore.  I was
laying in bed, reading and couldn't get comfortable because of the soreness,
so I just jumped out of bed, and took the dang thing off and stuffed it in a
cabinet where I wouldn't have to see it.  Tomorrow morning, I will get up and
put it back on and try another site (thinking of trying my thighs) but right
now I feel like such a failure.  I have only been pumping for 3 weeks and feel
like I am giving up or something.   Has anyone else ever done this?  How do
you deal with the "guilt", if that's even the word I want to use?

As always, thanks for the support.
Kelley in KS
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